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Weighted Course Listing

               AP Level Courses
               AP Calculus AB, AP Computer Science A, AP Calculus BC, Analytical Geometry, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C,
               AP Physics I, French 5, Spanish 5, Latin 5, German 5, AP Human Geography, AP Macroeconomics, AP European History,
               AP United States History, AP American Government, AP Psychology, AP English 12, AP English 11, AP Music Theory, AP
               Seminar, AP Research, AP Statistics, AP Studio Art, AP World History

               Advanced/Honors/Pre-AP Level Courses
               Honors Algebra 2, Honors Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, Honors Accounting, Honors Biology, Biology 2 Pre-AP, Honors
               Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2 Pre-AP, Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of engineering, Computer Integrated
               Manufacturing, Engineering Design and Development , French 3, French 4, Spanish 3, Spanish 4, German 3, German 4,
               Latin 3, Latin 4, Honors US History, Honors Economics, Honors Government, Honors Philosophy, Honors Sociology
               English 9 Pre-AP, English 10 Pre-AP, English 11 Pre-AP, Honors Studio Art.  Additional courses may receive approval for
               weighted status at a later date.

                                                SCHEDULE CHANGE GUIDELINES

               Students wishing to request course changes must contact the Counseling Office (378-8409). Course requests for the
               entire school year will be accepted through the Friday of the first week of school.   Requests for teacher
               preferences  are not honored  at any  time.  Please  look over your entire year’s  schedule  once received, checking both
               semester’s courses.

               During the first week of school and upon the completion of new student enrollment, counselors will consider requests
               that meet one of the following guidelines:

                   •  You have a course on your schedule that you have already passed
                   •  You are a senior who is missing a class needed for graduation.
                   •  You have a class on your schedule that was not a primary or alternative request.
                   •  You have a class on your schedule for which you do not meet the prerequisite.
                   •  You have a “See Counselor” on your schedule and need a class in that block.
                   •  Student wishes to try a more challenging course in English, math, science, or social studies.

               The following are not acceptable reasons for requesting a course change:
                   •  Teacher preference.
                   •  Fear of a low grade or course difficulty.  (Keep this in mind when registering for Honors and/or AP courses)
                   •  Course not required for graduation.
                   •  Not completed summer reading requirement.
                   •  New employment that is not Work-Based Learning related.
                   •  Did not attend your registration meeting or did not turn in your registration card

               Limitations for schedule changes are based on:
                       1.  The master schedule is built based on student selections during spring registration.
                       2.  Teacher schedule/courses to be taught are determined based on these numbers and little flexibility is built
                       3.  Please understand the importance of the decisions made when selecting courses for the next school year.
                          Opportunities for changes will be very limited.

                                           REPEATING A COURSE/IMPROVING GRADE
               Students  who  wish  to  improve  their  grade  in  a  course  taken  at  Dobyns-Bennett  may  repeat  that  course  during  the
               regular school year at Dobyns-Bennett through traditional methods. The term traditional refers to face-to-face teacher
               lead courses.  The term “repeat” indicates that the student is taking a course again for which he/she has previously
               earned either a passing or failing grade. Only the higher of the two grades is reflected on the transcript and no additional
               credit is awarded (excluding summer school).  Your counselor must be aware of your intentions prior to enrolling in a
               course for which you already have credit. Generally, students are not permitted to repeat a course if they have already
               taken and passed the next course in the sequence.

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