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Seniors must achieve the following to be included in the Graduation Ceremony:

                                   x  Successful completion of all curriculum requirements
                                   x  Earn all required credits
                                   x  Fulfill all financial obligations
                                   x  Satisfactory Attendance (No More than 10% Unexcused Absences and/or OSS days in  any
                                      given class for either semester)

               *Inappropriate behavior may deem a student ineligible for graduation participation.

                                                                       SELECTED SCHOOL POLICIES

               Students who take Honors level courses  will have three  (3) points added to their final semester numerical average.
               Students who take Advanced Placement courses and complete the Advanced Placement Test will have five (5) points
               added to their final semester numerical average.   This internal weighting is consistent  with what is allowed for the
               Tennessee Lottery Scholarship Program, the Tennessee Board of Regents Colleges and Universities, and the University of
               Tennessee College System.  The unweighted (4.0 scale) GPA allows for the internal weighting of the additional three and
               five points.

               The external weighted grade point average will be in place to recognize rigor and strength of schedule for students.  This
               is the grade point average that will be utilized for class rank and submitted to colleges and universities.  This average
               incorporates the internal addition of 3 points for Honors courses and 5 points for Advanced Placement courses.  The
               external rank will incorporate plus (+) grades for the higher numerical ranges for A’s, B’s, and C’s.  The grade point
               average will be calculated and rounded to the thousandths place.  This procedure could result in more than one person
               having the same rank.

               Grades issued on the first and third nine weeks report card and on progress reports will not reflect the additional 3 or 5
               points.  The additional points are reflected on the final semester grade.  The final semester grade is the only grade that
               appears on the transcript.
               The grade scales for Honors, Advanced Placement, and all other courses are reflected in the following chart.

                                Non-Honors/      Honors        State Dual        Dual         Advanced
                       Grade     Non-AP                         Credit        Enrollment      Placement
                             Grading   Quality   Grading   Quality   Grading  Quality   Grading  Quality   Grading   Quality
                               Scale  Points  Scale  Points  Scale   Points  Scale  Points  Scale   Points
                        A+                   96-100   4.6                                   96-100   5.2
                         A    93-100   4.0    93-95   4.5    93-100  4.75   90-100   5.0    93-95    5.0
                        B+                    88-92   3.6                                   88-92    4.2

                         B    85-92    3.0    85-87   3.5    85-92   3.75   80-89    4.0    85-87    4.0
                        C+                    80-84   2.6                                   80-84    3.2
                         C    75-84    2.0    75-79   2.5    75-84   2.75   70-79    3.0    75-79    3.0
                         D    70-74    1.0    70-74   1.5    70-74   1.75   65-69    2.0    70-74    2.0

                         F     0-69    0.0    0-69    0.0    0-69     0.0    0-64    0.0     0-69    0.0

               Kingsport School Board policy states that a student must take the AP Exam in an Advanced Placement course in order to
               receive AP level credit. Students who do not take the AP Exam will only receive honors level credit (+3 points) for the
               course in question.

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