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Northeast State- the following information is required to complete your student application file:
               ■Complete Northeast State Online Application
               ■Copy of Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit AND Birth Certificate
               ■Provide Copy of High School Transcript
               ■Provide Copy of ACT or SAT Scores
               ■Complete the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Form
               ■ Complete the Online Instructions for the Dual Enrollment Grant Application
               (Online Application:

               All courses employ the Northeast State grading scale. Most institutions receiving transfer credit require that the student
               earn at least a "C" average on college-level work to be transferred. Although Northeast State students have successfully
               transferred to numerous colleges and universities, it is the responsibility of students who are not planning to attend
               Northeast State after high school, to contact the colleges of their choice to ensure transferability of coursework. All
               grades earned will become a permanent part of the student's academic record at Northeast State.

               Northeast State Dual Enrollment Possible Costs (Prices subject to change)
               First two Dual Enrollment classes (6 hours) are Free of cost if student is:
                   1.  1. HOPE Eligible (3.0 unweighted High School GPA OR 21 ACT Composite)
                   2.  2. Has been a TN resident for the previous 12 months
                   3.  3. Meets Program Entrance Requirements

               Second and Third Dual Enrollment classes (6 hours) will cost $796.00
                   1.  Student must meet Northeast State 2.75 GPA requirement from previous NE State classes.
                   2.  Must be Hope Eligible (3.0 unweighted High School GPA OR 21 ACT Composite)
                   3.  Meets Program Entrance Requirements

               *Costs may vary for TN eCAMPUS and tuition increases   Invoices and payments for dual enrollment will be
               mailed by Northeast State and student/parents will remit any necessary payments to the Northeast State Business office.

                           East Tennessee State University Dual Enrollment Program (ETSU)
               Students who have completed the sophomore year in high school may be eligible to enroll for ETSU courses while in high
               school. Students admitted as dual enrollment students may be eligible for the Dual Enrollment Lottery Grant. In addition,
               students  may qualify for an  ETSU Dual Enrollment Scholarship. Consult your high  school for additional information.
               Tuition may be charged.

               Requirements include:
               •3.2 or higher high school GPA on a 4.0 scale
               •ACT minimum composite  score of 19 with no sub-score below 19 or equivalent SAT (PLAN scores may be used for
               juniors who have not completed the ACT or SAT)
               •Permission of the high school principal or counselor as well as parents to enroll

               Dual Enrollment application packets may be obtained from the Office of Admissions or your high school counselor.
               Courses completed as a dual enrollment student will appear on both the high school and ETSU transcripts. Continuation
               in the dual enrollment program includes specific academic requirements.

               ETSU Dual Enrollment Scholarship Program
               Dual Enrollment students who present a 3.4 or higher high school GPA, may qualify for a Dual Enrollment Scholarship
               through ETSU. The Dual Enrollment Scholarship is awarded only in combination with the Dual Enrollment Grant.

               Dual  Enrollment  Students  may  register  for  no  more  than  7  semester  hours  of  credit  in  a  given  semester.  The  Dual
               Enrollment Grant and Scholarship outlined above is applicable only to the first three to four hour course. Additional fees
               are required for courses in specific programs. A dual enrollment student's eligibility to enroll for courses is determined by
               Admissions personnel in consultation with the student, parents, high school officials, and ETSU departmental

               For more information regarding Dual Enrollment eligibility and participation requirements please refer to:

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