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Dual Enrollment Grant Program (Tennessee Lottery)

               Students may be eligible for the Tennessee Lottery Dual Enrollment Grant. Students must complete an
               application online through the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) within the appropriate
               time frame.

               Dual Enrollment students may qualify for up to $600 per academic year ($300 per semester). Students must meet a
               3.0 GPA or a 21 composite on ACT. Students must maintain a 2.75 cumulative college GPA to continue receiving the
               Dual Enrollment Grant.

               Dual Enrollment Courses Offered on the Dobyns-Bennett campus

                     Northeast State Community College
                              English Composition I
                              English Composition II
                              Entrepreneur Academy Course (See ECA section of the course catalog)
                    East Tennessee State University
                              Health Profession Exploration
                              Medical Terminology

               Dual Enrollment Academies offered off campus

                   Northeast State Community College
                                Computer-Aided Drafting (See section of the course catalog)
                              Mechanical Operations (See section of the course catalog)

               Credit by Examination Courses Offered at Dobyns-Bennett

                   Northeast State Community College                     East Tennessee State University
                       Principles of Accounting                                 Principles of Accounting I
                       Principles of Business                                   Business Management
                       Computer Applications
                       Sanitation and Safety                             Tennessee Tech
                       Criminal Justice                                         Principles of Engineering (PLTW)
                       Business Management
                       Engine Analysis
                       Introduction to Engineering Design

                                Statewide Dual Credit Courses Offered at Dobyns-Bennett

               End of course exam is mandatory for all students taking the class. If a student meets or exceeds the established cut
               score, the student will earn three credits which can be applied at any public postsecondary institution in
               the state.

               Students must notify the institution of which they attend that they have been awarded credit through the TN DOE at
               which time the school will determine how the credit will be awarded.


               Tennessee Tech University
               Principles of Engineering: PLTW (Project Lead the Way Credit) – ENGR 1210 (1 credit hour) will be awarded to secondary
               school students who participate in the “Project Lead the Way” and achieve a minimum grade 70% on the nationalized
               “Final Exam on Principles of Engineering”. The requesting student will need to have his/her test score sent to TTU.
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