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                                             Block/Singleton Definitions

Dobyns-Bennett utilizes a modified block schedule. The two types of classes utilized in this type of schedule are Block
classes and Singleton classes.

Block classes: 90 minutes per day for 90 days (one semester)
Singleton classes: 50 minutes per day for 180 days (All year)

Block classes and Singleton classes are arranged in one of four possible configurations to create a student’s schedule.
These configurations are as follows:

             ALL BLOCK                                         6 Block/2 Afternoon Singleton Schedule

                  Term 1                                                    Term 1    Term 2
                  Class #1
                  Class #2  Term 2                             Block A      Class #1  Class #6
                  Class #3  Class #5
Block A           Class #4  Class #6                           Block B      Class #2  Class #7
Block B                     Class #7
Block C                     Class #8                           Block C      Class #3  Class #8
Block D
                                                               Singleton 7  Class #4 →

                                                               Singleton 8  Class #5 →

6 Block/2 Morning Singleton Schedule                           4 Block/4 Singleton Schedule

             Term 1         Term 2                                          Term 1    Term 2

Singleton 1  Class #1 →                                      Singleton 1  Class #1 →
Singleton 2                                                    Singleton 2
             Class #2 →                                                   Class #2 →
   Block B                                                        Block B
   Block C   Class #3       Class #6                              Block C   Class #3  Class #7
  Block D                                                      Singleton 7
             Class #4       Class #7                           Singleton 8  Class #4  Class #8

             Class #5       Class #8                                        Class #5 →

                                                                            Class #6 →

During pre-registration in the spring, students request exactly eight courses in one of these configurations. A student’s
preferred schedule configuration in addition to his/her course requests are simply requests. Many factors
affect the scheduling process and the schedule that a student receives during the summer may differ from his/her
original requests.

            DB Policy for Registration:
            1. Students will receive registration forms in large groups.
            2. Students will receive large group instructions and information from the counselors. A copy of the

                  instructions and course catalog will be posted on the Dobyns-Bennett website.
            3. Students are advised to take these forms home to review with parents.
            4. Students/Parents/Guardians should very carefully consider student courses, electives, AP courses

                  and alternatives.
            5. Students are to complete the schedule request form and have parents sign it before they meet with their

            6. Students will meet with a counselor or teacher to register for classes at an appointed time.
            7. Students are to bring their completed schedule request to the appointment.
            8. If appointment is missed the student may turn in their registration card to the counseling office or may

                  come to the counseling office to reschedule their appointment. Makeup appointments are limited due to
                  the restraint of the counselors’ schedule.
            9. Students have 5 days from their missed appointment date to reschedule their appointment or turn in their
                  registration card. Students who do not fill out their registration card by the deadline will have courses
                  selected by their counselor and will have very limited options for choosing elective courses.

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