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By requiring students to submit alternate courses, Dobyns-Bennett is able to generate a much higher  percentage of
               complete schedules during the summer.  Course conflicts frequently arise which keep students from receiving all eight of
               their course requests.  Students experiencing course conflicts who submit appropriate alternate requests will have those
               alternate courses attempted in their schedule if conflicts arise.  Students experiencing course conflicts who fail to submit
               appropriate alternate requests will receive an incomplete schedule and will have to find a class in August to fill their open
               period(s).  Open seats in popular courses are extremely scarce in August.  The following courses are not available as
               alternates due to typical over enrollment.

                   •   Advanced Sports
                   •   Art & Design
                   •   Criminal Justice 1
                   •   Culinary 1
                   •   Culinary 2
                   •   Health Science Education
                   •   Leadership
                   •   Painting
                   •   Cosmetology 1

               Freshmen and sophomores should find a wide selection of singleton courses listed in this booklet.  Juniors and seniors
               are likely to find a very limited number of singleton offerings.  This problem can be minimized or avoided by following
               the advice outlined below.

               Singleton courses are selected and offered based on enrollment potential. Generally, the school offers at least two class
               sections of each singleton course.  Just as students must be scheduled to take singletons in pairs, teachers must be
               scheduled to teach singletons in pairs.  Unfortunately, upperclassmen request such a wide variety of courses that it is
               rare for a junior/senior level course to generate sufficient enrollment to offer two singleton classes.   For this reason, the
               majority of singleton classes are considered freshmen or sophomore classes.

               Students who participate in performing arts classes such as band, orchestra, and chorus need to VERY CAREFULLY
               consider their course requests during their freshman and sophomore years.   Each year during their high school career
               these  students  must  have  an  additional  singleton  class  to  accompany  their  performing  arts  class.    Performing  arts
               students should make every effort to avoid as many courses offered as singletons as possible during their first two years
               in high school (ex. World History Economics/Personal Finance) so that singleton options remain open for their junior and
               senior years.   Failure to address this problem in time may  result in a student having to drop their
               performing arts class in order to meet graduation requirements in another area.

                                                 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS

               All students will have access to a rigorous curriculum that includes challenging subject matter, emphasizes depth rather
               than  breadth  of  coverage,  critical  thinking  and  problem  solving,  and  promotes  responsible  citizenship  and  lifelong

               To earn a regular high school diploma from Dobyns-Bennett, students must earn the prescribed 28 credit minimum and
               have  a  satisfactory  record  of  attendance  and  discipline.    Credits  earned  at  Ross  N.  Robinson  or  John  Sevier  Middle
               Schools may not be applied toward the four math credits required for graduation at Dobyns-Bennett.

               In complying with Tennessee Department of Education regulations, Dobyns-Bennett will minimize tracking of students by
               ability, eliminate core classes taught below the college preparation level, and provide all students a challenging course of

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