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Math – 4 credits
               Students must accumulate a minimum of four (4) high school math credits regardless of their level of math mastery
               when entering high school.  Students are required by state guidelines to enroll in a math course during all four years of
               high school.

                For students starting in Algebra 1A:
                   •  Algebra 1B, Geometry, Algebra 2B, and one of the following courses
                   •  Statistics
                   •  AP Statistics
                   •  Dual Enrollment Statistics
                   •  Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus
                   •  Bridge Math

               For students starting in Geometry:
                   •  Geometry, Algebra 2B, and two of the following courses:
                   •  Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus
                   •  Statistics
                   •  AP Calculus
                   •  AP Statistics
                   •  Dual Enrollment Statistics

               For students starting in Algebra 2A
               (This option is strongly discouraged as students looking at this option would benefit from Honor’s Math)
                   •  Algebra 2B and three of the following courses:
                   •  Statistics
                   •  AP Statistics
                   •  Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus
                   •  AP Calculus
                   •  Dual Enrollment Statistics

               For students starting in Honors Math
               Successful completion of each honor’s math course will allow students to progress to the next level of honors math.
                    • Honors Algebra 2
                    • Honors Trig/Pre-Cal
                    • Analytical Geometry and Calculus
                    • AP Calculus BC

               Elective Focus Area – 3 credits

               Students will complete an elective focus of no less than three credits.  Students completing a CTE elective focus must
               complete three units in the same CTE program of study. The elective focus may be in one of the following six areas:

                 Career and Technical Education           STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
                   Veterinary and Animal Science
                                                          •  Any Course(s) in Science and Math that is above the graduation
                 •   Horticulture Science                   requirement
                 •   A/V Production                       •  Anatomy and Physiology
                 •   Business Management                  •  Medical Therapeutics
                                                          •  Any Project Lead the Way Course
                 •   Marketing and Finance
                 •   Accounting                           Humanities (Social Studies, Foreign Language, and English)
                 •   Finance                              Any course in Social Studies, Foreign Language and English that is above the
                   Diagnostic Services
                 •   Therapeutic Clinical Services        graduation requirement.  It can be a combination of these courses.
                 •   Culinary Arts                          Fine Arts
                 •   Cosmetology                          Any course in Fine Arts that is above the graduation requirement.
                 •   Information Technology
                                                          Advanced Placement (AP)
                 •   Law Enforcement Services             Any Advanced Placement (AP) courses
                 •   Marketing Management
                 •   Project Lead-The-Way Engineering     ROTC
                                                          ROTC courses (This can count for your Focus area and Wellness credits)
                 •   Automotive Maintenance and Light
                 •   Automotive Collision Repair

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